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We are the professional seamstress at Valet Cleaners who specialize in customizing or repairing your clothing. We are different from the general tailors who create articles of clothing from fabric as we only fix and alter existing pieces. We are the local experts of Fernandina Beach, and we are more than capable of fixing your garments.

Bring us any of your clothing whether they are for men, women or children and regardless of whether they are unworn, newly purchased, slightly used or clothes that you have had for the last few decades. Our repairs can range from simple to the most complex.

Although we prefer to have you come in and wear the clothing you want us to alter in order to make the changes to your desire, this is not an absolute requirement. It is possible for you bring in the article only with instructions for the alterations written down.

Some of the kinds of clothing repairs we typically have to work on include torn pockets, ripped pockets, damaged pocket flaps, lapels, jacket linings, coat linings and pant linings. If we cannot repair the tears due to an extensive rip, we can always replace the damaged area.

You can request repairs for nearly any part of clothing. The most common we see are adjusting leg and sleeve lengths while adjusting lapel and collar heights and narrowing or expanding a waistband. We also have requests to have shoulder pads removed or inserted from coats, shirts, blouses and jackets.

No matter what kind of work you require from our Valet Cleaners, we can handle the job for you. Just give us a call and feel free to ask us about what kind of services we can do for you.

Shoe Repair

We offer professional and fast shoe repair to all of our clientele. If you have any questions regarding our shoe repair services be sure to get in touch with us.