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Valet Cleaners has quickly grown to become recognized as the authority of unmatched professionalism and performance with dependable laundry service in the Fernandina Beach, Florida area. We not only strive to give you the best customer service and garment care while giving a first-rate service as your valet cleaners, but we are also completely focused on respecting our environment and avoiding any skin irritants, toxic smells or harsh chemicals using our state of the art technology.

We offer dry cleaning, services for furs, leather and suede along with household items, wedding gowns, custom tailoring, premium shirt laundry services, formal wear and preservation, fire restoration, water restoration, smoke restoration and bulk dry cleaning.

People who have pride in their clothes bring them right to us. We realize that whether your clothes are fancy, formal, casual or business, you put plenty of investment in your wardrobe. We always completely inspect all of the clothes we are given prior to cleaning it so that we can assess what the exact method we should use to clean your clothes will be so that we can provide the best results possible. We will also inspect all trimmings, shoulder pads, buttons and hems as well as reinforce them and repair them whenever necessary.

When dry cleaning is required for household items and men’s or women’s apparel, our expertise and top notch desire to provide you with the best results every time on every item allows us to guarantee you will always have a satisfying experience with us every time. We also do suits, skirts, cotton blouses, slacks, sports coats, gowns, dresses, formal wear, silk blouses, linen blouses, outer wear, household items and apparel for all kinds of brands.

We also give all of this same attention to stoles, jackets, coats, collars and all other kinds of furs. Our procedure is to loosen the fur and remove the soil before vacuuming it and then glazing it in an effort to return the oils to it while realigning the hairs of the fur. This process will impart a sheen that is natural for the hairs. Note that though most of our services can be done in the same day, furs will require an additional couple of weeks to ensure our dry cleaners always provide quality results.